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Being informed is the key to a smooth and successful home purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may be life-changing. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for you and your family to live in, or if you’re looking to sell you current property, contact us.

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Building the Next Generation of Real Estate Pros

Posted by Randy Bravo // June 12, 2016

What can you do to effectively groom the next generation of successful real estate pros? Whether you are a real estate investor, agent, owner, entrepreneur, or just wanting your heirs to do better at buying and selling homes; grooming the next generation of real estate pros is critical to the industry. Therefore, how can you […]

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Are You Too Young For Real Estate Investing?

Posted by Randy Bravo // May 29, 2016


A whole new generation has been introduced to real estate investing opportunities across America, but how old do you need to be to jump in and participate? What do you really need to establish yourself and become a success? Due to some legal restrictions and banks pursuing defaults on mortgage loan debt, prospects may be […]

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6 Reasons To Get Into Real Estate Investing

Posted by Randy Bravo // May 15, 2016

Perhaps you have caught a glimpse of a few reality TV shows about flipping houses and have wondered if it is for you. It is true that there can be great money to be made form real estate investing but there are actually many reasons to get it. Here are just a few of them… […]

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Randolph assisted us with finding us a great first home deal and walked us through the complete process. -Mr & Mrs. Walter Roberts

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